A tray of four scones with icing

I’d Like to Apologize for My Apology for Comments Made in my Recent Pumpkin Spice Scones Recipe Post

Once again, I apologize for inappropriate comments made in yesterday’s public apology for comments made in the April 5 recipe post for my signature pumpkin spice scones. Neither the initial comments nor the misguided follow up meet the standards of integrity and decency you have come to expect from FreshDaddyCakes.com

When I began the site, I wanted to show that there is room in the online baking community for dads who need to share exceedingly copious backstory for sour cream coffee cake recipes. From chatting with other dads in the preschool pickup line, I learned that we too were tired of online recipes that begin straightaway with ingredients without knowing word one about the baker’s family, parenting style, or thoughts on obvious vaccine conspiracies. During my period of reflection, I will be seeking input on how I can continue to meet those needs without violently embracing incel ideology.

I will now press pause on further posts while I take time to listen and learn from my first errant attempt at listening and learning. Apparently, who you listen to and what you learn matters, as evidenced by the breakneck acceleration at which #CancelSconeDad is currently trending on Twitter.

Yes, I’m well aware that there is a right and wrong way to handle a hamster. Although the analogy was not intended to be taken literally, I see now how I caused emotional stress to the small rodent owner community. After careful rereading, I absolutely see how such a disturbing image was a poor choice to articulate the context for my previous poor choices. My bad.

It is also clear that I left too many aspects of my first public apology open to interpretation. I will now speak more plainly: DESCRIBING THE IDEAL METHOD FOR FOLDING NUTMEG INTO BATTER IS NOT THE MOMENT TO SUGGEST THE EXTERMINATION OF BELOVED TV PERSONALITIES. I know this. I’ve always known this. I specifically apologize to those of you who were preparing these scones with your grandchildren.

I hope the quantity, if not the quality, of my apologies will speak to my commitment to change. I would invite your feedback during this hiatus, but judging from the thousands of comments left on the original recipe post and subsequent apology, I have little doubt you will make your suggestions known. If you find this latest apology lacking in any way, I would appreciate someone providing a template for my next one. I can’t seem to find one in Microsoft Word.

I’m confident we can move past this and get back to enjoying the delicious cakes, strudels, and meditations on cultural replacement theory you’ve come to cherish from FreshDaddyCakes.com.

You, my readership, deserve better. The online baking community deserves better. Seasonal pumpkin spiced baked goods deserve better.


Rick Lestenader

Owner and Editor, FreshDaddyCakes.com




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